1. Cotton, Polyester, Viscose and Blended Fabrics
  2. Cotton Rages, Clips and wastes
  3. Upholstery, Bed Spreads, Machine and Hand made Tapestry
  4. Textile, Jute and Leather made ups i.e. Garments, jackets, bags
  5. Towels: Terry, Kitchen, Dish, Wiping
  6. Kitchen ware: Stainless steel, Plastics
  7. Footwear: Dress Shoes, Joggers, Sleepers, Hawaii
  8. Wooden Handicrafts: Antique Furniture, Decorative Wooden Moldings and Hand Carvings
  9. Marble and Table tops
  10. General Merchandises for Convenient Stores
  11. Rice: Basmati, Irri-9 & Irri-6
  12. Dry Fruits and Dehydrated Vegetables
  13. Industrial Chemicals
  14. Any other item required by the customer and permissible to export from Pakistan



  1. Aluminum Ingots, Copper Cathode
  2. Zinc and lead ingots
  3. Scrapes
  4. Industrial raw materials
  5. Cigarettes papers and Filters
  6. Iron and steel products
  7. High Carbon Steel Wire Rods
  8. Chemicals
  9. material
  10. Steel, Aluminum and Copper Fibers
  11. Imports against specific purchase orders of the government, Public and private sector




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