Welcome to Sadaf International Co.

Sadaf International Co. was established in 1978 under Company's Act in Pakistan as an Indenting, Import, Export, Trading and Supply Company. The Directors of M/s Sadaf International Co. are engineers and business administrators who come from mighty organizations of Pakistan and are in business since 1978 with different agendas. They are also engaged in manufacturing and contracting business.

M/s Sadaf International Co. indents projects and participates on behalf of the principals, international tenders floated by government organization, public and private sectors in the country. In the field of energy, telecommunication, infrastructure, civil aviation, oil, gas, steel, chemicals, industrial plants for procurement of electrical equipment, substations and transmission lines, thermal and hydroelectric power plants and equipment, oil, gas, telecommunication, SCADA, railway, refineries, pipelines, metals, petroleum products, fertilizers, chemicals, barter and counter trades, construction of dams, canals, airports, highways, industrial Projects.


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